Cards, by George!

Attractive Note Cards With Envelopes.

Each Card Bears a Copy of Original Photographic Art by:

Photographer George R. Brakenridge.

Michigan City IN

Typical card from the collection. Cards are normally printed on parchment stock. Envelopes are parchment or white. Actual size is 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches. The reverse may vary but one shown here is typical. The inside is blank. .

(Click on the card to view larger image.)

Until we establish an on-line selling procedure we will be glad to accept cash, money order, or your personal check for your cards. Personal checks must clear first. The cards will come to you first-class mail, prepaid. Temporairily, to place an order contact the photographer by clicking here.

The price for these distinctive and unique cards, twelve to a package, is $15.00 including postage. We would like to show you all of the designs available but present just these few for you to evaluate. They are to be ordered by number with each pack prepared to your specifications. Any number of any card may be chosen for each package of twelve, i.e., mixing numbers is o.k.

You may click on each of the thumbnails below to see a larger image. When ordering be specific as to the quantity of each card which you wish to receive and be sure to order by number. A single card may be ordered at a price of 73 cents per card plus 37 cents for postage per order. (Only one such card to an address, please, envel. not incl.). This is offered so that you may inspect the card quality for only $1.00. Quantities less than 12 may be ordered for $1.25 each. Generally speaking the picture quality on the card will be superior to what comes thru on this site.

Captions (which are printed on the card back) are shown here for reference under the card pictured.

<54 <21 <67 <21 <24 <61

<63 <35 <40 <22 <6 <3 <65

<59 <69 <4 <27 <28 <15

<38 <66 <32 <51 <26 <50 <33

<64 <41 <55 <18 <12 <48 <13

To view a related site depicting cards with original drawings as made by George's daughter Barbara, please click here.

Note: These pencil drawings are by Barbara Virginia who has Usher's Syndrome, which causes deafness and blindness. Because she has no peripheral vision these drawings are composed like a jigsaw puzzle; she cannot see the whole drawing (from which the cards are made) at once.

Barbara attended Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind in New York for rehabilitation.

(Dealers/others: Please email George for quotes on larger quantities or info)

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